It was sunny day while I took train from Presov to Kosice. I breathe this fresh air. I must be grateful to God who creates the world. I could smell the trees around me and see beautiful landscape with river, grass and trees. What is lovely morning, I said to my self. I feel that … More Kosice

Oil Crisis

Heating by oil ? Human population rise as well as human needs. The one of impact from it, is rising the price of fuel. Why?. The reason is simple. A lot of occupants in this planet prefer to have their own transportation and it goes up the supply of fuel. But the queerer phenomena happened … More Oil Crisis

Student thief

Sunday morning, as usual I wake up early and do mediation. I hear sound from bird and smell of wood. It is really wonderful morning.  After 30 minutes, I continue my routine to do some exercise and make tea for breakfast which means I must go downstairs. As in this dormitory, they don’t have kitchen … More Student thief


I decided to leave my country one year before election of new president of my country, the reason is simple, I am tired of living at my home country. I study in our capital province “ Padang” but I travel home every weekend. I growth in middle class family which is my mother has shop … More journey