I decided to leave my country one year before election of new president of my country, the reason is simple, I am tired of living at my home country. I study in our capital province “ Padang” but I travel home every weekend. I growth in middle class family which is my mother has shop in our lovely city and my father is civil servant, I have younger sister. We like spending time near seaside. But recently, I realize that life is unfair. I want to be a doctor first time which one of university accepted me. But we don’t have money. Mom tries to support for everything that She can do. But I know financial always become problem for me as I have a lot of aspirations.
I entered university after I finished my high school but I really want to leave my city and go to Japan. But it is impossible, the reason again money and permission. I was piece of at the time to my parents and I really want to jump to ocean and die. I know what happened to me but I really want to leave my country. I tried to remind my childhood. I think it is the reason why I want to leave my country. my society couldn’t accept me. I want to be what I want I don’t want to be somewhere else. I like what I dress how I walk and how I speak. But culture and society told me I should be like that and this. I hear that my parents are embracing to have a child like me, nobody wants me . I didn’t have wonderful life as child that I can laugh, I don’t have friend. I am a pity childhood. I couldn’t play with my friend. But I know mom loves me. but she is busy as well. I should I understand it because she had bad condition when she was child living in poverty and she doesn’t want it happened to me , So she should work hard that we can have batter life as my father salary is only enough for foods only.
She pushed me to study and study. She doesn’t want I go far a way from her. but I couldn’t I am unhappy if I back to this society. And I decided to study and go so far from my country. Here my story in post communist country which I expected as liberal country.


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