where is the Miracle?


It was rain at the time, when I received email that I must pay school fee EUR 3000, if I want to study one semester at university in Slovakia. I was surprised and stop breathing. God, What I should do?. I want to study only.

I called my parents but I don’t want to tell them the truth. I know if I tell them it I couldn’t reach my dream. But it is my passion. I pray all day and asked help from my friends in Slovakia and told to my friend in Europe also.
I asked my self. why always unlucky things happen to me?. where is the miracle?. Where it is?. I really want to study only why it is really difficult?. What should I do now. I decided to forget about it and go directly to Slovak Embassy in Jakarta for my student visa.
The next day, this problem is still on my mind, I don’t know what I should do. But I should fly back to my city and I have only 1 week to solve this problem. I called my best friend and they tried to support me and they told me there is miracle. But I asked them where it is?. I don’t know what I should I do know and my parents couldn’t afford it.I went to international office at my former university and asked help from the head of international office. She said to try contact Indonesia Embassy for favor. I send letter to them. Every night, I just spend my day in internet cafe as I don’t have internet at home.
3 days later, I received email from Indonesia Embassy in Bratislava that they don’t have financial support for it. My hear stop working, I cried a lot in that night. I looked in the sky and tell my self. it would be the way for it.
The next day, I went to internet cafe again. I don’t know why I went there because it is midnight. But contact. I gave up and I decided to return to my parents’ home the next day. In bus station at home, I got call from Indonesia Embassy and they said that I can fly to Slovakia and study there. I was so surprised and happy. It was 2 days before my departure.
Today, it is my new life in Slovakia. I continue my study as full-time student in one of university in Nitra. Again, it is happened. I don’t get scholarship which my home university promised. Having financial problem and looking part-time job but I couldn’t find it because I don’t speak local language. and I just got penalty 2 weeks ago for something I didn’t know before and nobody told me. This is my new life. But I still hope for a miracle.


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