Student thief

Sunday morning, as usual I wake up early and do mediation. I hear sound from bird and smell of wood. It is really wonderful morning.  After 30 minutes, I continue my routine to do some exercise and make tea for breakfast which means I must go downstairs. As in this dormitory, they don’t have kitchen every floor. I remember that I still have soup in fridge. I just open the fridge in kitchen. And I am surprised; I lost all of my foods which I bought yesterday. This is second time.

 There is around my mind one for which is “ THIEF”. So, what is thief?. Oxford dictionary define that thief is a person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth and without using force or threat of violence.  Psychologist fond that stealing is connected to emotional, psychological, neurobiology and feedback of stealer. There is few reason of stealing. One of the strong reasons is financial but in other way stealing it can happen because of stress or trauma. May be we can accept those reason stress and trauma. But how  about thief is from college student which  have one step forward  and people admit them because their knowledge or intellectual?.  Should we call them intellectual thief?. And how We will trust knowledge, university or scholar in future?.

University as institution has responsibility for it. They should not only create a smart person but they have responsibility to create a smart personality and mentality of their student. The best university is university which takes care of their student not university which collects money from their student and ignores their student. They should open their ears and eyes for every of their students. Because it is their duty and it is student right.

In other hand, a student should realize of their duty. First, they should know them self. so, what does it student college student?. College student is  an organized group of professional people with special interests, duties or powers. What is the duty of student college?. It is to study. Center for science  in the public Interest found that in 2005,  44.8 percent of college student were classified as drinking and get drunk at least five time of occasion in 30  days.  It impact for their risky behaviour and lowered GPA.

Finally, I want to underline two important parts for student thief. First is about University duty and second is student duty. Both of them should support each other and realize their work that we can reduce thief student and return trust from society to university.



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