It was sunny day while I took train from Presov to Kosice. I breathe this fresh air. I must be grateful to God who creates the world. I could smell the trees around me and see beautiful landscape with river, grass and trees. What is lovely morning, I said to my self. I feel that I was flying and drifting for this majesty. And then, suddenly,  a dog came in to me. She looked so excited and wanted to play with me. But I should reject her as my train is coming in a few minutes.

kosiceThe best transport to discover Slovakia is by train. You can see small village, the wonderful of Slovak nature and it is clean beyond. The Slovak conductor is nice also, sometimes if you are lucky, they will speak with you and you can ask their favor anytime. In addition, travel by train in Slovakia is cheap especially as student as me. If you are lucky, you will travel for free but sometimes you should spend a small amount from your pocket. It is the one thing I never complain here.

I arrived in Kosice. It is the second largest city in Slovakia. Moreover, it is located in Easter Slovakia. It is closed to Ukraine border. I was so impressed with this city, as before I was thinking it will be dirty and full of gypsy. However, it is not that bad. It has new modern train station and good infrastructure. It is not that loud and dirty as I thought. May be, because at that time was Easter.



kosice 2My first, destination there was downtown of Kosice. I was fascinated with the old architecture of this city. It looks like as in fertile which I used to read during my childhood. I keep walking through the small bridge there. Later on, a huge church in front of me already pays my attention. It is St. Elisabeth Cathedral. It was built between 1378 until 1508 under
Hungarian Empire.  Afterward, It is just in front of the cathedral. You can St. urban tower, singing fountain  and immaculate. I was wondering, why the fountain was called  singing fountain. I wish, it could really sing a song. it was merely silence  while I came. Although, i already  pray at the holly place I front of  it.



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