dust life

What are human needs? A dignity is the most important than others. But what will happen while you were born just above poverty or inside poverty. You never care about it anymore. Yes, life for us is difficult. We are often insulted.
Life is cost of money. Of course it is life. A friend cost of money, living standard cost of money as well as well as education is cost of money. SO where I am?. I am in the dark of my dignity. Living in dark place, either my studies. I want a better life of course but what I can do. I try many things but it is life. Living in place while you couldn’t sleep and fear all the time. May be somebody will come to your room and kill you or may be somebody will put drug on your water. I am afraid of that, what I can do. Crying all the time, just make my self ashamed of my self.
A warning above my laptop to back to my country, I found while I found 2 guys drunk in my room and I don’t know them. A slap to my head happened also. What can I do?. I could accept that. Yes, I am poor just do it to me. I am dust. It is me. But I just wish that my future can be better. I tried to study hard but how it can happen while it almost happen everyday. To whom I should report? While the head of this place said, it is normal here but if you want better situation. You can move somewhere which will take your pocket of course.
Life is cost of money. While They tell to you kokot Indonesia( don’t need to translate here but it is Slovak bed words), you should accept that. As the head of this place said it is normal. It is life no more dignity. I can cry and scream on my heart only. It is cost of dust.


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